Pastor Mike with kids

Join us for worship services
every Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m.

Thank you for taking a moment of your time to browse our website. We exist to further the cause of Christ, and hope we can be of service to you. Your first question about us probably goes something like this: "What kind of a church is Living Grace Fellowship?"

Our congregation does not try to fall into any particular niche. We have about 100 people who attend every week with us. They are from a variety of ages and backgrounds. We try to provide something for everyone. We do things that are traditional and contemporary. We are a praying people, with small groups, and programs for all ages of our youth. We love to fellowship, before and after services. And most of all, we stick our noses into our Bibles, and base what we do on God's Word (check out one of our sermon messages on our downloads page for a sample).

Come by and pay us a visit. Enjoy the Word of God, and stay around for a cup of coffee and good conversation in the fellowship hall.

With Christian Love,

Mike Swagerty, Pastor


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